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Below is a list of great online casinos offering live blackjack. For a more comprehensive list of live casinos generally, we suggest you visit this live dealer casino review site.

There’s a lot to like about this online casino. They’re part of the London Stock Exchange listed William Hill Plc group of companies, and bring decades of experience from operating over 2000 retail betting shops to online. Their live dealer games, including blackjack are streamed out of Playtech’s Latvian dealer studio and the look of the games, video stream/studio and dealers is pretty good. A large staff of dealers ensures plenty of tables are available for play no matter what time you are logged on.

Live blackjack offered: Standard multi-player (7 seat) blackjack

Any online gambling operator that has managed to attract over 3 million registered customers has to be a class act. The ‘three million club’ is a pretty elite group and Unibet has been a member for some time now. They are primarily an online sportsbook, but as seems to be the trend these days, they have morphed into a complete gambling offering with every conceivable option available including sports, financials, casino, poker, bingo and of course live dealers.

Their live blackjack game come courtesy of Evolution Gaming. It’s a great looking platform with customization features that set it apart from the competition. Shown below is their standard blackjack game.

Live blackjack offered: Standard multi-player (7 seat) blackjack

A real online gambling powerhouse, are owned by UK stock exchange listed company 888 Holdings Plc and have managed to become the most recognized internet casino brand. They joined the ‘three million club’ not long after the turn of the millennium and continue to serve many millions of customers through compete range of playing options. Their live casino is also Evolution Gaming powered.

Shown below is Evolution Gaming’s gold blackjack - limits starting at $100/hand with a max bet of $10,000!

Live blackjack offered: Standard multi-player (7 seat) blackjack

These guys seem to be at the forefront of everything online gambling, and live gaming is no exception. They were one of the first adopters of Playtech’s initial live dealer platform which serves live video footage from an Asian based dealer studio. Playtech now have also have a European dealer studio, and rumour has it bet365 may add the new platform in addition to the current live platform giving players an unparalleled live game range, including of course blackjack.

The game shown below is their Asian studio multi-player blackjack table.

Live blackjack offered: Standard multi-player (7 seat) blackjack

Dublinbet are a unique live casino anyway, but their blackjack offering sets them apart from typical offerings even further.

First the casino point of difference; rather than the game being dealt in a dealer studio, it is a game played in a real casino - Dublin’s Fitzwilliam Card Club and Casino. Footage is streamed from the casino’s table and presented for players to bet online over a simple interface.

Secondly the game itself; this is Vuetec’s (platform provider) patented game Blackjack Basic Strategy with Early Payout. It’s really not blackjack in the traditional sense at all, as you don’t get to choose whether to hit, stand, double down etc as you normally would. Instead, mandatory basic strategy is enforced, and an early payout is offered at each stage of the deal. Because of the adherence to basic strategy, return to player rates are high (99.5% historical returns claimed by casino) and it may be a good option for novices, but experienced players may not find it too much chop.

Live blackjack offered: Blackjack Basic Strategy with Early Payout

The three critical points to note about these guys are:

  1. they are based in Costa Rica so read carefully; and
  2. they also happen to be one of the very few live casinos that accept US players; and
  3. they offer ‘single player blackjack’

The game takes a little bit of getting used to as the deal is slightly different to account for a single deal catering to many players (if that makes sense!) but the key thing to remember is that standard blackjack rules apply.

Live blackjack offered: single player or 1 on 1 live blackjack

Licensed and based in the UK, these guys set up as a ‘for TV’ gaming operator. Their games are dealt in a TV studio and broadcast through the UK on a a number of dedicated channels, including Sky, Freeview, free to air on Channel 5. The only problem with their offering is that, since the games are broadcast on television, the schedule is limited to a few hours during the evenings (GMT).

Live blackjack offered: single player or 1 on 1 live blackjack

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