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Blackjack Basic Strategy With Early Payout is a trademarked game developed by live gaming software company Vuetec. I guess the key thing to note from the outset, is that this this is a substantial variation from standard blackjack - to the point where it can hardly be considered a game of blackjack at all.

There are 2 major rule differences.

1. At each stage during the deal, the basis strategy play is compulsorily enforced.
If basic strategy dictates you hit, then you will be dealt another card. If the basic strategy play is to stand, you cannot draw down. The only real choice you have during the course of the deal is whether to proceed with the basic strategy play or take the early payout…major difference number 2.

2. Early payouts are offered at each stage of the deal.
You may proceed to play out the hand, or take the ‘Early Payout’ - which is calculated by reference to your bet stake and odds applying to the cards dealt to that point.

Example game:-

Where to play it:-
Dublinbet | Lucky Live Casino

Things to look out for:-

It’s a pretty fast game so possibly a good option if you like to play quick. It’s NOT a game for blackjack purists, who may miss a lot of the decision making that makes the game of blackjack what it is. You can’t employ your chosen strategy, or indeed test your adherence to strict basic strategy because this is automatically done for you.

It is however a game that less experienced players should try, as it enforces optimum playing strategy and therefore keeps likely returns in at a healthy level. Dublinbet and Lucky Live Casino both market the game as historically returning over 99% to the player which is pretty frugal gaming!

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