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By far the most common version of blackjack offered live online, is multi-player. It’s really just a true replication of the game of blackjack as it is played in a traditional bricks and mortar casino. To join a game you choose a seat (of which there are generally 7 to choose from - as per traditional casinos), place your bet and play your hand in turn with the other players who have joined the table.

Example game:-

Where to play it:-
William Hill | | bet365 | Unibet

Things to look out for:-

It’s worth noting these games give each player a fixed time limit to place a wager, and then make each required bet decision. If a table is full, and players take their full 30 or 40 seconds (depending on the game) then a deal round can take a long time so patience may be required. Of course course you can mitigate this issue by choosing a table that isn’t full.

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