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OK so by single player, we don’t mean you are the only player playing the game. Hundreds of players may be logged on and participating, however the game presents as if it is a single seated table and you are the only player. There is a single player deal only. But this doesn’t mean every player plays the hand the same way. The key point to bear in mind is that normal blackjack rules and apply and you will play your hand exclusively just as if you were playing on a multi-player table.

How does this work? Well the trick is a slightly altered deal protocol whereby additional cards required beyond the first 2 dealt, continue to be dealt and are allocated to players as required. If you stand on your 10,7 and see the dealer dealing more cards, these will be for other player who have chosen to hit. It’s a bit confusing at first, but really quite simple once you get the hand of it.

Example game:-

Where to play it:-
Bet Phoenix | Smart Live Casino

Things to look out for:-

Remember, despite the different deal convention, your hand is your hand. If you get confused, just focus more on card on the simulated graphic which depict your hand. Once you play the game for a while, reconciling the actual card dealt in the video, and the corresponding virtual cards in your and becomes easy to do.

Note, these games are notably faster than multi-player blackjack games, as only a single deal is required.

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